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I offer house cleaning services in Kingsley and surrounding areas.

As a sel employed cleaner I keep my cleaning prices low.

If you are looking for a domestic cleaner in the Kingsley area then please contact me.


Phone: 07710 689823


Kingsley, Cheshire

‘Sophie provides the best cleaning service’

‘Miss Sparkles lives up to her name with the best house clean we have ever had’

‘Amazing house clean, smells beautiful after a bathroom clean from Sophie’

Kingsley - Cheshire - Village Store and post office
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Based on 5 reviews
Emma Kelly
Emma Kelly
9. November, 2023
I'd be lost without Sophie and her fortnightly cleans. She always leaves my home immaculate and she makes my life so much easier with a toddler and a baby on the way! I'd recommend her services to anybody,fantastic xxx
Hannah Graham
Hannah Graham
9. November, 2023
Sophie did a great job- thorough clean and on time and professional
Lucy Barker
Lucy Barker
4. November, 2023
Really impressed with the deep clean, the house was immaculate from top to bottom! I would definitely recommend.
Diane Duff
Diane Duff
30. November, 2021
Canโ€™t recommend Sophie and Fairy Sparkles Cleaning Services highly enough. Arrived on time, provided all the necessary cleaning materials and did a fabulous job leaving the house looking immaculate. Also great value for money.

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