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Get top-notch cleaner Wrexham services from Fairy Sparkles, ensuring your home shines like never before. Avail our local, reliable, and professional cleaning services in Wrexham for a sparkling, happy home.

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I offer house cleaning services in Wrexham and surrounding areas. A fortnightly full house clean is my most popular cleaning service.

As a self employed cleaner I am able to work flexible hours and can keep my cleaning prices low.

If you are looking for a domestic cleaner in the Wrexham area then please contact me.

Phone: 07710 689823

Wrexham, North Wales

‘Sophie provides the best cleaning service’

‘Miss Sparkles lives up to her name with the best house clean we have ever had’

‘Amazing house clean, smells beautiful after a bathroom clean from Sophie’

Wrecsam kingsmill
Based on 10 reviews
Laura Sanders
Laura Sanders
I cannot recommended Sophie highly enough. She’s always punctual and polite with good communication. We had an amazing clean yesterday. With 3 children under 4 I really struggle with the cleaning, Sophie really helps to keep on top of things! So Thankyou!
Ellie Ward
Ellie Ward
Really happy with the service provided by Fairy Sparkles. Excellent communication when booking and on the day of cleaning. I felt comfortable having Sophie in my home while I was working. It was excellent to come home to a sparkling clean and beautiful smelling home!
Barbara Dewhurst
Barbara Dewhurst
Sophie is most professional, punctual and polite. She gives an excellent service and I would highly recommend her to anybody who wishes for a top class clean.
mick wilkinson
mick wilkinson
Excellent, service works hard. Start to finish nothing but a positive experience.
Derek Booth
Derek Booth
The best cleaner I have had clean my house. Sophie has left everywhere sparkling clean again. A full house clean including the ensuite, amazing job Sophie.
Emma Kelly
Emma Kelly
I'd be lost without Sophie and her fortnightly cleans. She always leaves my home immaculate and she makes my life so much easier with a toddler and a baby on the way! I'd recommend her services to anybody,fantastic xxx
Hannah Graham
Hannah Graham
Sophie did a great job- thorough clean and on time and professional
Lucy Barker
Lucy Barker
Really impressed with the deep clean, the house was immaculate from top to bottom! I would definitely recommend.
Michelle Roberts
Michelle Roberts
Disappointed with my first clean, booked and paid for 3 hours but Sophie arrived late and left early!! Was not impressed with the standard of cleaning considering it was suppose to be a deep clean, a lot of areas not touched. Pity as wanted a regular and reliable cleaner and her service is not cheap at £20 an hour
Diane Duff
Diane Duff
Can’t recommend Sophie and Fairy Sparkles Cleaning Services highly enough. Arrived on time, provided all the necessary cleaning materials and did a fabulous job leaving the house looking immaculate. Also great value for money.
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    Why Choose Fairy Sparkles for Your Home Cleaning Needs?
    Finding a cleaner in Wrexham who you can trust with your home cleaning isn’t always easy. That’s where Fairy Sparkles comes in. I offer top-notch local, professional cleaning services that you can rely on. I put a big focus on making sure you’re happy with my work, from how I talk to you to how I clean your home. When you pick Fairy Sparkles, you’re choosing a sparkling clean home, outstanding service, and a personal touch that really makes a difference.
    Tailored Cleaning Plans to Fit Your Schedule

    I get that everyone’s different, with their own schedules and cleaning needs. That’s why at Fairy Sparkles, I make cleaning plans that fit just right for you. My services are made to match what you need, when you need it. I take the time to listen to your requirements and come up with a plan that works just for you. With me, it’s all about making sure you’re satisfied and your home is cleaned the way you want it. If you are looking for car valeting Wrexham then you can visit CS Valeting.

    Discussing Your Specific Cleaning Requirements

    Here at Fairy Sparkles, I start by getting to know exactly what you need from me. Whether you’re looking for a one-time clean or regular visits, I want to understand your specific needs. I am is here to talk and make sure I come up with a cleaning plan that fits your life perfectly. It’s all about clear communication and making sure my cleaning services fit like a glove.

    Comprehensive Cleaning Services I Offer

    Fairy Sparkles offers a wide range of cleaning services all over Wrexham. From deep cleaning your kitchen to getting your bathroom to shine, I do it all. I know how to handle every part of your homee, making sure it’s clean and fresh. I’m ready to take on any cleaning challenge you have for me, with the skills and know-how to make a real difference in your home.

    From Kitchens to Bathrooms: My Expertise

    When it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, that’s where my skills really stand out. These areas need extra care, and Fairy Sparkles knows how to give them just that. I use my own special methods and eco-friendly products to keep these important spaces not only clean but also safe for your family. You can count on me to keep your kitchen and bathroom spotless.

    How My Cleaning Services Improve Your Home Environment

    Choosing my cleaning services means your home becomes a healthier, more welcoming place. Regular cleaning gets rid of things like dust and allergens, which makes the air you breathe cleaner. My hard work makes your home more comfortable and healthy, turning it into the perfect spot for you and your loved ones. See the change my cleaning services can bring, helping you live in a healthier, happier space.

    Ensuring a Healthier Living Space

    Keeping your home healthy is my main goal at Fairy Sparkles. My cleaning services are designed to make your living space not just clean, but healthier too. By targeting spots where germs and bacteria gather, I help make your home safer and more comfy for everyone. Let me help you keep a healthy living space where you and your family can flourish.

    For any questions, to read what others have said about me, or to chat more about your cleaning needs, just reach out through my website’s simple enquiry form. At Fairy Sparkles, I’m all about helping you enjoy a clean, happy home.

    What Sets Fairy Sparkles Apart from Other Wrexham Cleaners?

    Looking for a cleaner in Wrexham? You want the best. Fairy Sparkles isn’t just another cleaning service. I’m different because I care a lot about doing a great job and being the best local, professional cleaner out there.

    My Commitment to High Standards and Attention to Detail

    Here at Fairy Sparkles, I’m all about doing our best and paying close attention to even the small stuff. As top-notch Wrexham cleaners, I aim for top quality in every job. My clients know they can count on me to treat their places like our own, making them clean and wecoming.

    The Importance of Professionalism in Cleaning

    Being professional is very important in cleaning. It’s not only about cleaning up; it’s about how I do it. At Fairy Sparkles, I am the one who does the cleaning, promises the best customer service, reliability, and care. I make sure every space in your home gets the respect and effort it deserves.

    The Benefits of Opting for a Local Wrexham Cleaner

    Choosing someone from your own town for cleaning has lots of plus points. It helps the local community and economy, and you get services that are jmet right for you. Fairy Sparkles is all about being a part of the local scene and giving back through our work.

    Supporting the Local Community and Economy

    Supporting Fairy Sparkles means you’re also helping out the Wrexham area big time. Choosing me is more than just getting your place cleaned. It’s about making our community better and stronger. I’re committed to being a positive force in our town, benefiting everyone.

    Testimonials: Hear Directly from My Satisfied Clients

    Don’t just listen to me. My happy clients from in and around Wrexham have some amazing stories to share. They’ve seen first-hand how good I am, turning their homes around with my cleaning magic.

    Real Stories of Transformative Cleaning Experiences

    The stories from our clients say it all. They talk about the big changes my cleaning has made, showing what I can do. From homes that shine and inspire, these stories prove that choosing Fairy Sparkles means choosing the best.

    At Fairy Sparkles, I’re here to make Wrexham shine, one spot at a time. If you need me or just want to talk about your cleaning needs, reach out. Let’s brighten your space together!

    Get Started with Fairy Sparkles Cleaning Today

    Wecome to Fairy Sparkles Cleaning, your top choice for cleaning services in Wrexham. Starting your path to a clean home is super easy with me. I here to help you from the start to the end of booking your appointment. Just a few simple steps and you can mark the day I come to clean on your calendar. Don’t wait any longer—contact me today to set up your appointment!

    Easy Steps to Book Your First Cleaning Appointment

    To book your first cleaning session with Fairy Sparkles Cleaning is simple. Jmet follow these steps:

    1. Go to my website and look for the enquiry form.
    2. Fill in your contact info and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

    All done! You’ve enquired about your first cleaning appointment. You’ll get a response from me soon. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

    Contact Me Now to Secure Your Slot

    Ready to make your place shine? Contact Fairy Sparkles Cleaning today. My friendly customer service will help you with your booking and answer any questions. I have flexible times to fit into your schedule smoothly. Secure your slot today by getting in touch through my contact page, email, or phone call. Let’s make your space look great!

    Frequently Asked Questions About My Cleaning Services
    At Fairy Sparkles Cleaning, I know you might have some questions. Here’s a quick set of answers to some common questions:

    • What areas do you serve?
      I help clients all around Wrexham, Chester and nearby.
    • How do I book a cleaning?
      It’s easy! Jmet go to my website and fill in an enquiry form sending me your details.
    • What kind of cleaning services do you offer?
      I offer everything from standard homee cleaning to deep cleaning and more. Check my services page for all the details.

    For more info, please check the FAQ section on my website.

    Answers to Your Most Pressing Cleaning Queries

    Got more questions? I’re here to answer them! Whether you need the best cleaning tips or advice on keeping your home clean, Fairy Sparkles Cleaning has got you covered. I am able to give you solutions and advice. For detailed answers to cmetomer questions, visit my FAQ page or contact me directly.

    Keeping Your Home Sparkling with Regular Cleaning Tips

    Keeping your home clean is important for a happy and healthy living space. Fairy Sparkles Cleaning isn’t just about my visits; I want to help you keep your place looking its best between my cleanings. Here are some pro tips:

    • Dust often to keep all surfaces clean.
    • Don’t forget about the hard-to-reach spots, as they can gather dirt over time.
    • Have a regular cleaning schedule that works for you.

    For more tips on home care and upkeep from me, check out my blog.

    Expert Advice for Maintaining a Clean Home Between Visits

    Fairy Sparkles Cleaning wants to share knowledge on how to keep your home shining. Here’s some advice from my experience:

    • Tackle one room at a time for better cleaning.
    • Use safe and earth-friendly cleaning products.
    • Take care of spills and stains right away to avoid lasting damage.

    Stay tuned to my website for more advice and professional guidance on keeping your home in perfect shape until I visit again.

    Q: What services do I offer beyond just cleaning?
    A: I offer one-off cleans or regular cleans depending on what you are looking for. If you asking about car valeting Wrexham then I don’t offer that but you can contact CS Valeting.

    Q: How does my business ensure high cleaning standards?
    A: I do all the cleaning, I am both experienced and friendly, and really focus on the details. I am Miss ‘Sparkles’ and love cleaning, I don’t have anyone work for me as I do everything.

    Q: Can you tell me more about the cleaning products used?
    A: I choose cleaning products that are safe for the environment and your home. I aim for effective cleaning that’s also good for the planet.

    Q: What makes my customer service stand out?
    A: I really listen to what you need and make sure my cleaning fits those needs. Whether you’re asking a quick question or setting up a cleaning plan, I am here to make things smooth and satisfying for you.

    Q: How flexible are cleaning schedules with my service?
    A: I have lots of options, like weekly, fortnightly, or just once. I will work with your schedule to make my cleaning fit into your life easily.

    Q: What is the process for booking a cleaning service?
    A: Booking is easy. You can enquire online, message me or call me. Just let me know what you need cleaned, when, and your contact info so I can reply.

    Q: How do we determine the cost of a cleaning service?
    A: The price depends on what kind of cleaning you need and how often. I aim to give you great value. If what you are looking for is not on my pricing page, please contact me.

    Q: Is there a commitment to a long-term contract?
    A: No, you don’t have to sign up for a long time. You can choose how often you want my cleaning based on what you need right now.

    Q: What additional benefits do I offer?
    A: Besides great cleaning, after a visit you will have a lovely aroma and will definitely know I have been leaving you a clean and healthy home.

    Q: Why should you trust me with your home cleaning needs?
    A: I am all about doing an excellent job and focusing on the little things. My many happy clients will confirm my commitment to making your home look its best, giving you more free time for the important stuff.